Richard Marni "Tricky Dick" Nixon, also commonly known as Honest Abe, (12 BBY – 167 ABY) was the 37th, and quite possibly worst and sexiest President of the United Mandalorian States, serving from 146 ABY to 162 ABY. He was also the self-proclaimed eighth Emperor of Mandalore from January 158 ABY - April 162 ABY. Richard Nixon was also the fourteenth wonder of the miniature world along with being the biggest galactic troll.

He was the only Force-sensitive and cannibal Mandalorian President and the only President to have resigned from office in pure shame. His resignation came in the face of imminent impeachment related to 17 counts of being vaguely nice to a Jedi. He valiantly ordered federal Mandalorian troops to invade the secret New Mandalorian headquarters at the Watergate hotel, but blew up Karen Traviss instead. He was also the only Mandalorian ever to be photographed while not wearing Mandalorian armor, after he decided to take a break from politics and assassination in 154 ABY, and took a trip to the beach. He later wrote the Nixon Doctrines, while opening a peaceful dialogue with the Cambodia sector in 165 ABY.

Widely renowned as one of Mandalore's greatest leaders and an all around great guy, he was well-known for being both law-abiding and a generally moral individual, as well as not being involved with any criminal activity, at all. Ever.