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The Mandalorian Neo Crusader flag was flown high above many Outer Rim planets during the War

The Mandalorian Neo Crusaders were a large clan of Mandalorians who were created by Mandalore the Ultimate, suceeding shortly after the conclusion of the Great Sith War. They were named in memory of the Mandalorian Crusaders.

Roughly twenty years later, the Neo Crusaders stirred up the Galaxy and made the advancing moves that caused the Mandalorian Wars. However, with the devestating conclusion at Malachor V, the Neo Crusaders split up. They were to be reunited and renewed years later, only this time they were under the command of Canderous Ordo.

Both Mandalore the Ultimate and Canderous Ordo commanded the Neo Crusaders from the jungle moon Dxun.



After the Great Sith War, the Mandalorians had suffered a devestating loss to their numbers. After seeing the seriousness in the situation, Mandalore the Ultimate looked back to see where the Mandalorians had gone wrong. His discovery scared him and his other Commanders after they came to the conclusion that more than 90% of the Mandalorian army had lost hope in their crusade.

After seeing the mistakes, Mandalore the Ultimate made a brave statement. He was going to change the Mandalorians for good. The shock from the rest of the clan was the reaction he expected, a few weeks later he announced the name of the new clan. They would be the Mandalorian Neo Crusaders. For several weeks he changed everything about the Mandalorians. He changed the flag, he modified the Canons Of Honor Code and he talked up the pursuit for Galactic Conquest. Several years later the Mandalorians, under their new name, left the grounds of their homeworld and the Mandalorian Wars began.

The Mandalorian WarsEdit

The Mandalorian Wars started off very successfully for the Mandalorians. They started by attacking weak planets in the Outer Rim, being careful to stay outside Republic-controlled airspace. For a long time the Mandalorians held the key to the Galaxy. The Republic was running scared, the Jedi continued with their cryptic 'wait and see what happens' tactic. It seemed as though the Mandalorians were going to win.

When Cassus Fett unleashed his plan to exterminate the Cathar species from the Galaxy, some Jedi couldn't sit back and watch the Galaxy fall into the hands of the Mandalorians. An eager young Jedi named Revan recruited many young Jedi and began to push the Mandalorians back.

After another couple of years of fighting, the Neo Crusaders were ambushed at Malachor V, sustaining heavy casualties. What was left of the army was pushed onto the planet by the Jedi. On his way to the Battle, Mandalore the Ultimate was ambushed by Revan and after a deadly duel with the Jedi, he eventually lost his life to Revan's blade.

While the Mandalorians battled with all of their might, the Mass Shadow Generator was activated and what remained of the Mandalorians and their fleet was sucked into the planet's surface. It not only killed most of the Mandalorians, but also left the planet a wasteland.

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