Karen Traviss was a Mandalorian deity.


Karen Traviss rose to power after being appointed to operate on behalf of the Del Ray faction, and she soon united all of the Mandalorians, appointing herself as the new Mandalore. Under her rule, many changes were implemented in Mandalorian society, causing Mandalorians to drop their thuggish attitudes and become the greatest warriors in the galaxy, greater even than the Jedi. She also caused the Mandalorians to develop an inflated sense of self importance and an unjustified hatred for the Galactic Republic. These enhanced strengths were passed on to the Mandalorian's children, the clone troopers, allowing just 3 million clones to wage war on the entire galaxy.

However, many individuals in the galaxy were unhappy with Traviss' reforms and despite their best attempts to negotiate with Traviss, she and her followers declared war on the unbelievers. In the resulting "Star Wars Civil War", Traviss' followers, who became known as the Fandalorians, slaveishly followed her will in crushing any perceived resistance from their opponents, whom Traviss dubbed the "Talifan". It is unclear what exactly happened during the conflict, because most records of the event have since been destroyed, mainly by Traviss herself. However, the conflict seemed result in an uneasy truce, although the Fandalorians chose to declare their victory and hail Traviss as a god.

With her position not in any way weakened by the conflict, Traviss continued with her reforms to Mandalorian society. However, her actions did not go unobserved and she eventually caught the attention of George Lucas, the Supreme Lord of Everything. Lucas disagreed with the direction in which Traviss had brought the Mandalorians, so he sent Duchess Satine Kryze and her New Mandalorians to convert the Mandalorians to the ways of pacifism. With most of her reforms undone, Traviss was humiliated and she placed herself into exile, vowing never to return to the galaxy.