armor worn by the early Hawk Bralor

Hawk Bralor was a Mandalorian War Hero that was taken from all Archives even the Jedi Archives. He was taken off record for reasons only known by Mandalorian war hero's and Mandalore himself. He was a Mandalorian patrol guard on duxn at the age of 13. He fought many battles with Mandalore the Preserver, and then was "Removed" from all records at the same time Boba Fett,and some other members
of Fett Clan were assassinated,but there death was never told.


Hawk was just one of the many on Duxn. He was brought there by his brother who they called Bralor. He was only 13 and yet could beat some of the best in combat. Mandalore could see he would soon be a Mandalorian Hero.
When Mandalore went to Izis with the Jedi Kelborn told him to go to to Coruscant and a wait orders.
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