Mandalorian Clans Edit

A Clan or Aliit was a paramilitary family unit of Mandalorians consisting of the Alor or head of the Clan as Patriarch or Matriarch, their immediate and extended families.

As Mandalorians believed that bloodline meant little, many clans had very few members who were blood related, but were considered family all the same. This resulted in few Mandalorian clans that had lineages of the same blood, or even species in many cases.

Origin of ClansEdit

A Clan was usually formed by a charismatic, tough or trustworthy leader who brought his friends and family together under one name for each others benefits, adopting a symbol and style of life. They often did everything together including training, fighting, eating, living, working, drinking, and just relaxing together. Fiercely family driven, Mandalorians had an almost fanatical dedication to their clans, valuing the honor and prosperity of their clan over their own life.

Clan StructureEdit

Mandalorian Clans often took the form of semi-military units, with the lowest ranks dubbed Evaar'la or Ge'verd. The mid ranks ranged from Verd to Ruus'alor, with the head of the family being the Alor'ad, Al'verde and Alor. In a Clan there could only be at most two Alore. If two Alore did exist, they were usually equal partners, referred to as Riduur.

Older, higher ranked members usually acted as uncles, aunts, older siblings or parents to the lower ranked, younger and less experienced members of the clan. However, every member of the clan was expected to pull their own weight and provide for themselves, as well as contributing to the clan coffers for food, shelter and raising the children of the clan.

Clans in CultureEdit

Mandalorian Clans were the backbone of the Mandalorian people. Clan heads would meet often to determine solutions for issues that affected local clans, in addition to keeping one another informed on other clan's affairs. They were not unlike the Scottish Clans and family structure, dating back to the 19th century. Since the first Mand'alor united the Taung clans, an overall leader of the Mandalorian people has been decided by the indivdual clan leadership.